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Hybritherm Worldwide LLC and Conematic Heating Systems, Inc. are the business team behind Hybritherm technology.

Hybritherm Worldwide, LLC is located in Boulder, Colorado, USA. We are dedicated to bringing energy-saving green technologies to consumers and businesses that are passionate about using the latest proven technologies for environmental control. Hybritherm Worldwide is the global point of contact for consumers and dealers interested in Hybritherm technology. Hybritherm Worldwide is proud to support Hybritherm Certified Dealers, partnering with Conematic to ensure our dealers receive best-in-class manufacturing, training and support.

Conematic Heating Systems Inc. is based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. For over 15 years, Conematic has designed and manufactured pre-engineered fully integrated, intelligent hot water and space heating solutions for the HVAC industry. Conematic’s unwavering commitment to the environment results in products that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and lower energy consumption. Conematic’s intelligent IP solutions reduce energy costs by up to 35% while increasing consumer comfort satisfaction. We partner with the world’s leading-edge suppliers for our unique product components, bringing unparalleled design innovation to the forefront of the hydronic and HVAC industries.






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