The Hybritherm Integrated Heating System Advantage

Hybritherm delivers new levels of efficiency and comfort. The Hybritherm series is packed with unique capabilities that allow it to manage multiple applications right out of the box.  Unlike typical boilers, there is no need for extra add-ons, costly system design and third party controls.

The System Combines the Best of the Heating World

  • “Seemingly endless” domestic hot water production and rapid recovery
  • The comfort of radiant heating in-floor, in-joist, and radiators
  • Precise temperature control and comfort when integrating with forced air heating, radiant in-floor heating and heating domestic hot water



How does the Hybritherm series work?



Hot Water Tank


The product sends hot water out from the boiler to the hot water tank.  Once in the tank, the hot water travels through the loops of the hot water tank transferring the heat from the loops into the water in the tank.  This means of heat transfer is extremely efficient as the large surface area of the coils provides exceptional heat transfer to the tank’s water. This design also ensures that when a large volume of hot water is being used, there will still be enough storage to take a hot shower or fill a Jacuzzi.


Fan Coil

Fan-Coil-1001The fan coil provides forced air heating to the home.  The fan coil  acts in a similar fashion to a radiator in a car; the Hybritherm series sends hot water into the “radiator” portion of the fan coil, the fan then blows air across the “radiator” gathering heat as it’s pushed up and out the top of the fan coil unit and into the house without the furnace “burnt odor”.  This method is the most efficient way to transfer heat to an air stream. The Hybritherm series integrates seamlessly with thermal solar and geo thermal in both the domestic hot water and heating functions and is much less irritating than a furnace for those with allergies..




The in-floor system provides a warm floor that radiates heat throughout the home.  The Hybritherm series sends hot water to the floor where it runs through the loops in the floor/in-joist heating it up.  The heat from the floor then rises and comfortably heats the home. This type of radiant heating is the most efficient means of transferring heat; it provides a wonderfully warm feeling underfoot and consistent temperatures throughout the home. Where in-floor/in-joist is not available then the use of radiators provides exceptional comfort and control in those hard to heat areas including attached garages. The typical use of Heat 2 is fan coils; however, Heat 2 can be modified on the controls to be utilized for lower temperature applications and Heat 3 may be utilized for higher temperature applications.  This provides virtually limitless flexibility in applying the Hybritherm series in new/existing single and multi-family and, of course, smaller commercial applications.

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